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FKF | Tattoo Equipment & Supplies

FKF Tattoo is a brach of FKF Group. FKF Tattoo has developed into one of the top manufactures and sellers in the tattoo industry, distributing in the United States, CANADA & to many locations overseas. Opening our doors in 1993, we strive to continue providing our customers with the best products and customer service possible.


As of July 2012 FKF Tattoo has opened its doors, we commit ourselves to High Quality Products by taking step-by-step inspection, the end product being the FINEST Tattoo Needles in the industry. Our sterilization procedure complies with F.D.A. requirements and our manufacture facilities are ISO-9002 certified. Due to our high sales volume, we are able to give our customers competitive prices without having to suffer poor quality products. FKF Tattoo has developed many products and will continue to be an innovator in the Tattoo Industry. We invite you to join our thousands of satisfied customers and friends we have made throughout the years.